This is regarding the issue that I am facing from interior design Planet Homez Dinendra Dagar for my flat. He has started the work on 5th September continued to work for 15 days and we had given the payment more than 95% after that he stopped the work saying that now there is few work left so I will do it later and we trusted him and not forced him. Later when we called him every time he used to say payment sir/madam and we told him that how can we pay you unless you finish the work.

Now that we had a check on what kind of material and mica he has used is all cheap quality and also with in a week the handles are coming out. His charges are also comparatively more than other carpenters. He has charged us bomb and the quality and finishing of the work is not good. He has also taken our house key not returning to us. Also, there was a difference of 55k from 1 lac cheated us on the quotation, Cupboard Size, False Ceiling, and Hinges.

Never gave us the bills on the materials that he has got, For the amount of work he has done. We paid him 3 lac cash which is right as per the market value but still he has charged us 1 lac more. After all of this issue we still gave him the PDC cheque of 80k still his carpenters hasn’t come nor informed us when he will be sending. I am planning to stop the cheque as per the law the last payment should be given only after completion of work. When he has not completed the work how can I release the payment.

Also he has not returned our house key and now after all this of mental torture of 1 month I don’t to continue the work from him. To avoid the tax he has taken only cash from us and no receipts are given to us.

Please do suggest what should I do.

Harleen Kaur
Panathur, Bangalore 5600103, Karnataka
Email: / 18/10/2016 / 3:59 pm

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