We  are writing to you because we failed to get redressal  after numerous personal visits, phone calls to JKGC  033 25552599  and 1800 233 3555  and lodging half successful EMAIL complaints.  The EMAIL complaint on the official site designated by HPCL for lodging  on line complaints appearing  on the internet would not register the complaint. However, we got through to two other  EMAIL addresses viz. mktghqo@hpcl.co.in  and corphqo@hpcl.co.in mentioned in the official  HPCL Complaint site.  But no action has been taken and the mandatory acknowledgment by them  have  not  come. We also could not register our written complaint at the office of the distributor JKGC as they  are not maintaining and or did not produce  the complaint/suggestion register which is mandatory. They would  also not give any receipt for written complaint lodged by customers. Incidentally petrol pumps including those of HPCL do have complaint/suggestion registers, but whether action is taken or not is another story and not the subject matter here.

COMPLAINT NO . 1:  We booked a refill in the first half of  February 2015. the exact date will be available with HPCL, which was not home delivered despite personal  visits and phone calls to 03325552599. The staff of JKGC   especially one  Mr. “Sxxxxl” who would not disclose his full name were  rude and misbehaved with customers all and sundry.  So we were forced   to take delivery  of refill cylinder from  the godown of JKGC  incurring  an expenditure of Rs. Fifty only on 10.3.2015 i.e. approximately one month after  the date of booking . The rebate applicable for such type of non home delivery was not given to us.The verbal untenable reason  for the above described  undesirable experience of  an  HPCL, valued or otherwise, including that of delay was HOLI  festival.

COMPLAINT NO.2:       We are facing similar  harassment for the  last  of this   year”s   so called  subsidized LPG  booked on 12.3.2015 under booking No.503785  dated 12.3.2015.  There is no sign of it being delivered even today after 14 days. We have booked a complaint No.14273356 on 25.3.2015 with Mr. Pxxxxl Pxxxxt at phone No.1800  233 3555 but no action is forthcoming.

We trust  that you will take up the matter suitably so that the refill against booking No. 503785 dated 12.3.2015 is immediately supplied and  we can  take our food peacefully.                     Thanks

Bhaskar Sen
2G Kartick Bose Lane, Kolkata 700006, West Bengal
Email: bsen2007@rediffmail.com / 26/03/2015 / 3:56 pm

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