I am an insurance consultant. Investing Consultants, a Bangalore based company called me up and said that they will provide me with customer leads and fix their appointments. While selling the idea, Mr. Hzxxxxxxm called several times but now they do not even pick up my call. The service department blames the lead department and vice versa. The are playing with the customer. I warned them several times that just do your work and finish it off but they do not seem to understand at all. Inspite of repeated mails, they are not bothered. They charged me for the service but they are not providing me with any of it. They were supposed to provide me with 5 leads but none of it was upto the mark. The leads to whom I called got furious and disconnected. They sent mails stating that they will provide the lead and it’s details but that entire portion was blank. Everyday they are shifting to the next day saying that people are on leave there. Moreover they had the audacity to ask for more money, again giving a false commitment that they will give me the leads. They do not even know how to talk to a customer. When I asked them to refund the money, they refused. They have also given my number to some other customer and hence by chance I got to know that there are many others in this fix. I request for compensation for the harassment and continuous phone bills and a refund of my money or else they give me the leads and end the matter.

Divya Mohta
Kolkata 700001, West Bengal
Email: dxxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com / 26/10/2016 / 1:17 pm

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