I stay in an apartment in Ambattur. I had taken a new cable connection with set-top box in the month of Oct 2016. The service provider is ‘Rupa Cable-Ambattur, Chennai’. I paid him Rs 1600 for the set-top box and a subscription fee of Rs 192 (Rs 180 as monthly rent and and extra channel ‘Baby TV’ for Rs 20 rental) . The service provider assured me that there will be uninterrupted supply of TV channels. But there was hiccups then and there, for which I called them up every time and someone from their side came to rectify it. This was going on continuously. Either the entire connection would not be there, which they reason it due to power-cut or the subscribed channel (Baby TV) alone would go out of service. All these interruptions were taken to their notice then and there, for which they rectified it in their own time. I had even told the person personally that I would pay the next rental only for the days that there are uninterrupted supply. He coolly said ok and left. Post that I stopped calling them to inform whenever there was no connection as i felt my phone bills were being wasted for this.Today when the collection lady from their end came home, I asked how do I pay the entire rent as there was no proper supply of channels and that I wanted to talk to her manager. She went back. Within hours the service was disconnected. When I called to speak to the manager, he started yelling that I was creating a scene and this is the way all his 1000 subscribers are paying even when there is no proper connection. I am sadly taken back by such rude service. He asked when all his subscribers are quietly paying the rent however the service if, why that I alone was refusing to pay. I asked him why then he assured me in the beginning about proper supply, he was so arrogant in his speech stating that this is the service that he will provide and losing on one customer (that’s me) would not affect his business.

This is definitely not a decent way for a service provider to behave. Request you to look into this matter and do the needful.

Jennifer Kevin
Ramnagar, Ambattur, Chennai 600053, Tamil Nadu
Email: jxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 23/11/2016 / 7:35 pm

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