I had purchased an iPhone 5 c through flip kart a year back , for 1 year it gave me good service soon after that it stopes charging one day and finally went dead ! Since ther are no Apple service shops in assam , I took it to Delhi where they examined but could not find anything wrong except for a few minor scratches the phone was brand new , so they asked my son to leave behind the phone so that the could open it up , next day my son gets a call from mr Qutub from Singapore , saying that since they could not find the problem , I am entitled for a replacement but on reaching the shop my son was refused ! They started showing him some scratches !
My son left the shop in disgust ! He tried contacting mr Qutub , but he does not take my sons calls or emails .. This is so frustrating !! I am without a phone since then .. Please help ..

Panna Khan
Mulukubasa, Dibrugar 786001, Assam
Email: kxxxxxxxxz@hotmail.com / 19/06/2016 / 8:30 pm

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