This complaint is on behalf of my dad. We purchased a Samsung 32 inch LED TV (Model: UA32F5100ARLXL) at the end of 2013 invoiced at Rs. 35,000/- and we had panel issue in less than an year. We had to do rigorous follow-ups and escalation to get it fixed and paid service fee for the same.

We tried hard to get the whole unit replaced when we had the issue for the first time as we got issues in less than an year and we were told that there should not be any issues going forward. But my point was that if any electronic product goes wrong in less than an year, it might cause problems life long and that was the only reason for me to request them to replace the whole unit instead of just replacing the panel (which is of course the main part of an LED TV).

We again got the issue in May 2016 and when we requested for checkup, the team was requesting for travel charges to visit my home and check the issue. Later, we wrote emails to Samsung Head of India and then my dad started getting telephone calls to know about the issue from Samsung Service center. As the issue was not progressing, we requested for an update and to our surprise, we got an email from Samsung CEO of India office saying that the panel can be fixed for Rs. 16,157.07/- and that exclude the service charges.

Local customer service was only willing to look at the issue only if the service fee was paid. Later we took the faulty LED TV to the customer care and they said the issue will be fixed only after replacing the LED Panel and at the cost specified as above.

Our only question to them was, why should we pay for a faulty piece. Samsung ignored our request to replace the whole unit when we got the issue for the first time and now they are asking money from us to fix the same issue and we are not sure if the problem is not going to repeat. May be there is an issue with the circuit board itself. Now we are actually paying more than Rs. 50,000/- for a 32 inch LED TV whose market price is under Rs. 22,000/- at the moment.

My repeated requests to the Samsung CEO is not turning out to be helpful for us in any way. Hope this forum will help us address the issue and take appropriate against the Samsung company for selling low quality products under their brand for hefty price and convincing customers that their products are passed by globally recognized quality process.

Will look forward to resolve this issue.

Ramoorthy Reddy KV
Damalacheruvu 517152, Andhra Pradesh
Email: / 14/06/2016 / 8:35 am

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