I purchased Sony Vaio laptop SVF13N1ASNB from Croma Store on dated 18 Nov 14 from website www.cromaretail.com. With the purchase of this product, a warranty of one year was guaranteed. From there on within in merely span of 06 months it began giving major issues like AUTO SHUTDOWN, UNBEARABLE FAN NOISE AND FREQUENT FLUCTUATION IN THE DISPLAY. Consequently, I gave it for repair to Sony Service Centre, located at South Ex. I expected the process to be expedited, because my official work completely depended on this laptop. Since, it was 1st time I gave it for repair I expected that all the issues would be rectified and waited for 04 days before the service centre returned it back promising that the product had been thoroughly checked and repaired. Putting my faith in the brand and its service I began utilising the laptop again in my official work and all my crucial online transactions, hoping that no other issue would reoccur in the near future. But much to my disappointment the laptop again got faulty and the same issues ( viz AUTO SHUTDOWN, FAN VIBRATION AND FREQUENTLY FROZEN SCREEN) reoccurred, along with that even the touchpad ceased to function properly. This happened merely within a span of 20 days and then again I submitted it to the Sony Regional Service Centre, Mohan Estate on dated 17 Jun 15 (Log ID: 301218572).
Issues after issues in my laptop added up to my frustration. Many critical work were pending which need to be completed in time but got delayed due to this. I am not only losing my Project financially but also mentally due to frustration.
If I am to use pun I would surmise that this laptop has been specifically manufactured putting together numerous pieces of faulty hardware to provide the consumer/user a severe pain. This is 3rd time when I submitted my laptop at Sony Regional Service Centre, Mohan Estate, on dated 07 Aug 15.
Sony India would have no clue how much I have struggled to work with this product , every time I turn it on an apprehension captures my head having no idea if it would actually turn on.
All words shall fail in depicting the apotheosis of frustration that I have been through with each and every use of this laptop. Every single time some of its hardware ceases to function properly that has been wrecking my nerves.

It was conveyed to me that they can give me a new laptop or will return the cash if issue is a major one but now these issues added up to a major issue. Now, its 4th consecutive time in a short span of one year when I submitted my laptop at Sony Regional Service Centre, Mohan Estate on dated 03 Nov 15.

I would have sued Sony for manufacturing such a worthless product consider the losses (both financial and work related) I have incurred because of it. But keeping regard for the brand I would simply want this matter to be closed forever by asking for my money reimburse that I had losses.

Requesting you to kindly look into this matter so that my faith in the brand Sony does not get lose. I will be not taking back the laptop , as if again it gone faulty I do not have energy to run to service centre again and again. Hope you understand my situation and act accordingly.

Mohit Saini
Near IIT Delhi 110016
Email: mohitsainimec]@gmail.com / 09/12/2015 / 12:05 am

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