We have purchased our sony LED TV in May 2016
1. Display is not working. Initially the power input started blinking RED and the TV never come up working. With a work around from sony customer care it was working for few days. Then suddenly the TV stopped displaying anything.

2. From the beginning it seems a faulty television as the let display was showing some blue and red patches. I asked the installer about it. But he kind of bluffed some thing. It was 50k worth going on waste as the TV is not working.

3. The service Engg said he will change the panel. I am requesting for replacement as, it is not even a year the TV stopped working. It should not be the case when we spend some 50k. But he is not listening.

4. I went to the dealer (Adishwar) they don’t even bother to listen. They simply say contact sony care.

5. Sony Care when I called, the guy who come on line, after listening to me, he simply put me into IVR again. it was so pathetic a service from sony care.

I strongly request a replacement of the television as it is not even a year. Secondly i request sony care to give compensation toward the mental irritation I get juggling around sony cust care, Service engg, dealer after spending my hard earned money.

Please do the needful

Kishore Lenka
Bangalore 560102, Karnataka
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 14/12/2016 / 5:18 pm

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