Complaint regarding Tata Sky customer service

I am writing this complaint letter as I had faced very bad experience with Tata sky. I have started using the connection in April 2017 and just after completion of 1 year my set of box stopped working. I locked a complaint in starting of August 2018 about the same. They have sent a technician to change the box. However, after changing very next day my set of box got defective again, then once again I locked the complaint and they again sent the technician to fix it. The technician misguided us and told us that only the wire is loose, he did not do anything and left. Then very next day whenever I tried to turn on the TV and box it was keep blinking and getting on and off. I again locked the complaint but nothing happened and due to which my TV got defective. I fix my TV and LG charged me Rs 8500/- for the new motherboard. My TV got fixed on 5th September 2018 and again I called the Tata sky guy to fix the Box they came and change it but very net day it again got defective. I wont be able to see TV for atleast one month and now they asked me to recharge my Tata Sky account once again. They should have provide me the refund of my last recharge which I did it in August as I was unable to see the TV. I am very upset as Tata sky is very bad company. I am feeling so much harassed due to all of this.

I would like to request ICF to do something for me and help me to get the compensation from Tata Sky.

Pankaj Sehgal
Indira Vihar, New Delhi 110009

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