I have a connection of this organization in the name of my father j  n Mukherjee.  Thanks to their internal issues for more than two weeks now i have a massive disruption in services. I have tried complaining for two weeks and every time in spite of assurances my complaints have not even been registered. My ID is 1038997852.

Yesterday finally my complaint was registered and I was promised on phone that someone will visit today after calling. Obviously no such thing happened. When I tried to call and check my call was deliberately dropped three times mid call. The fourth time the person bluntly said that he could not commit any time frame. And said yes when I asked if the chances of someone not coming at all was also there. This was the most bizarre customer handling attitude I saw.

In the meanwhile tatasky is happily charging for the services which they are not providing. On a daily basis.

Sayan Mukherjee
A37 baghajatin park housing society; panchashayar, Kolkata 700094, west bengal
Email: twopull@gmail.com / 16/04/2015 / 11:00 pm

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