Complaint regarding theft of car parts from Ford Fiesta at Ford workshop

I am the owner of Ford Fiesta Classic(Diesel Variant). Its a 2006 model. I had given my car in breakdown condition to Banerjee Ford for repairing purpose on August,2016. Now in the mean time the service advisor after inspecting the car intimated me of an estimated amount of 3.5 lacs which I have to incurr for getting my car repaired that too without any assurance or guarantee. He also stated that this amount can grow up even further. Anyway, as per his version not a single part of the car’s engine is ok hence the whole engine needs to be replaced along with various other spare parts. However,later on after having a deep thought I decided not to proceed with the repair work but rather to take back my car from the premises of Banerjee Ford.

Now the real issue happened here ie. on the very prior day of taking the possession of my car upon my close inspection I was astonished to note and spot that innumerable expensive parts are missing from my car and the whole car has been tampered with horribly including the engine.Missing parts include car parking sensor wiring kit, rear view camera wiring kit, AC vents of car’s dashboard, new exide battery from car’s engine, torn condition of my newly fitted timing belt, dual horn system wiring kit and switch ,out of four new mud flaps two are missing and the rest two are in broken condition, indicator switch is in broken condition, out of two headrest one in missing and not only that the whole car has been turned into a dustbin for storing all sorts of garbage. Now upon raising all these issues before the service advisor regarding missing parts his version is, if a car lies for such a long time in our premises then these kind of things are quite usual and normal to take place ie. parts can go missing like this.

Now its not only shocking but quite gruesome to note that this kind of cheap,fraudulent malpractices are going on within the premises of an authorised workshop that too of reputed and renowned MNC conglomerate like Ford Motor Company.

Owing to the occurrence of the above stated tragic incident I am not only distressed but quite cynical also with regard to the missing of other expensive engine components in my car.Hence,before taking the possession of my car from the premises of Banerjee Ford,Durgapur I would like it to be thoroughly checked and inspected by some expert,qualified and knowledgeable technician belonging from any another workshop of Ford maybe from Kaikan or Ganges Ford as you deem it fit.

Hope you can understand my setback and will help me out of the above stated cumbersome situation at the earliest by providing some feasible solution.
For your review and kind knowledge I am hereby attaching the pics of my car which is lying in a dilapidated condition at Banerjee Ford.Hope you can see and acknowledge the pathetic condition my car has been brought down to.

Vikramjit Mitra
Durgapur, West Bengal 713216

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