Complaint regarding Tikona Service harassment

I had taken internet connection from tikona service in 2016 at my resident in Dadar. I opted for 1 mbps speed plan which was costing for 350 rs per month. Later after using it for 5 to 6 months I upgraded my speed to 10 mbps plan which was costing 699 rs per month. After using this (10 mbps) for three months i felt that the speed is not crossing even 2 mbps. So I logged a complaint to service center. The engineer visited my resident and said that there is network updation going on so after that is resolved the speed will be back to normal. I waited for around one month but speed was same i.e. 2 mbps. So again i connected with customer care and logged a complaint. For this complaint no one visited . So after waiting for three days i again contacted the customer care. The sent an engineer after a week. Then after analysing everything for 2 days the engineer mentioned your area dont support speed more than 3 mbps. I was like wtf i was paying from 6 months for 10 mbps plan and tikona doesnt support more than 3 mbps. So i connected with Tikona customer care again and said that i will not pay for 10 mbps speed for the current month as tikona does not support more than 3 mbps speed in my area. They said that from next month you change the plan but i will have to pay the amount for that month. I denied for that and said that they can disconnect the service i will not pay for that. They kept the service enabled for next month and again sent me the bill for past two months of 1363 rs. I denied paying up the money for 10 mbps plan. They called daily and i mentioned that i am ready to pay but not for 10 mbps. Then this calling stopped and i didnt payed the amount as well. After one year yesterday i recieved a letter from a advocate asking to pay the due amount. The letter was dated 20 Dec 2017 but was delivered at my doorstep on 5 Jan 2018 . The envelope does not have postal stamp on it. Today 6 Jan in evening i recieved a phone call from the said advocate who was speaking in a high tone, vulgar language and harrased me by saying he if i dont pay the amount immediately in 15 minutes he will file a case in supreme court to barge my documents which was submitted. I mentioned to him politely that “Sir, please mind your language . I am ready to pay the amount for service which was used , but your client tikona didnt provide the service which they promised to do.” The person threatened me to pay the amount immediately otherwise case would be filed as well i will have to face some serious issues. I paid the amount which was requested but my question here is why i should pay the amount for service tikona didnt provide . I need the refund of my amount.

Sandeep Khandeshi
Dadar West, Mumbai 400028, Maharashtra


  1. Dear Subscriber,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    We have noted your concern, in order to assist you further, we would require your registered mobile number or Tikona service ID.

    Request you to provide the required details at the earliest to look into your concern and provide prompt resolution.

    Tikona Care.

  2. Dear Subscriber,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    This is a gentle reminder to follow-up on your concern listed on Jan 08, 2018. Kindly share your details with us for further assistance.

    Tikona Care.

    • tikona on 11/01/2018 at 1:29 pm

    Dear Subscriber,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    We have not received your information; hence we consider this case closed from our end.

    We now request you to share your details on our official Tikona Forum –

    Tikona Care

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