I have been facing issues with internet. My internet service provider is tikona. I have been calling tikona for the past 20 days and still the issue is not resolved. The worst part is today (7/03/2016, 13:00) i called the helpline and the girl i spoke with just disconnected my call without helping me. The engineer from tikona did visit my place to check the connection around 1st or 2nd march and he said that the issue is fixed but 20 min after he left the problem started again. have been getting horrible service and i am still paying my bills. As i have given enough time to timona to fix the issue and they have still not resolved it now i am demanding full refund for last bill and i wont be paying my current bill. I need value for money and if tikona cannot value me as a customer then i need my money back.

vishal pawar
Byculla, Mumbai 400008, Maharashtra
Email: vxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 07/03/2016 / 1:25 pm

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  1. Dear Vishal,

    Greeting from Tikona.

    We have noted down your post. In order to assist you further, we would require your contact or Tikona User ID details. We have assigned a reference number #TIKMR1297 to your case. Requesting you to mention the reference number in the subject line while sharing your details with us on tikonacare@tikona.in

    TIkona Care

  2. Dear Vishal,

    This is a gentle reminder to follow up on your concern listed on Mar 07,2016 Requesting you to share details in order for us to assist/resolve your concern.Kindly share your details with us on tikonacare@tikona.in mentioning your assigned reference number TIKMR1297 in the subject line.

    Tikona Care

  3. Dear Vishal,

    Gentle Reminder #2

    We have note received your information for us take it forward. We now request you to share your details on our official Tikona Forum – Forum.tikona.in by mentioning the reference number in the subject line.

    Tikona Care

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