Complaint regarding Uber driver’s service

My Complaint was, Last night I booked uber cab for going home, Driver was told me he is on main road and I told him that please see navigation and come accordingly, and I’ll also come on main so you can search me easily. But the driver was going other side and didn’t follow the navigation route, I call him and told that I’m on the road(Devli khanpur Road, New Delhi) already where he is he told me I’m on the road also but I saw him he was on another road (School Road, Khanpur, New Delhi).
I was so disappointed to him, He clearly told me I’m not coming I said why you are not coming, he not give me any excuse and clearly said I not coming, do What do you want and Misbehaving with me. Cab No- 9797 (Maruti Suzuki Wagaon R). I had a very bad experience with UBER (2nd Time).

Malviya Nagar, New Delhi 110017

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