Complaint regarding unfair ECS bounce charges

I am holding PL from HDFC bank. Since, June/July 2015 ECS are getting rejected from my registered Citibank because said account was blocked by legal authorities and I can not
perform any action from this account. Hence, all the ECS are getting bounced but I am paying EMI reguarly on the same day from IDBI account. I informed HDFC team many times about this but no one took it seriously. They started charging for all the rejected transaction. I am requesting them to waive off no one is listening and giving proper justification or way ahead. For the 1st time, got some response from them to swap the account but they are not ready to waive off the amount. Total Bouncing charges are around 16-17 thousands. According to HDFC, they can’t waive off the charges as they are getting ‘Insufficient Fund’ as a reason from citi bank.

Please can you help me to get rid of these charges. I am paying EMI on the same day (4th of everymonth) from IDBI but ECS were registered with CITI bank and it is getting bounced on 4th itself saying insufficient fund.

If I can pay EMI on 4 itself from other account then I can also maintain the balance in citibank to avoid bouncing of ECS. But as my citibank account is blocked I can’t deposit money in that and clearly there is no picture/scene of insufficient fund and the reason is not valid. Hence, I want you to help me on this.

Amol Khetan
Wakad, Pune 411017, Maharashtra

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