I have lost my 2 mobiles in Dec-2014 (with insurance). I have filed a police complain also for that(have proof for that). Now my shop from which I purchased mobiles , Devendra Telecom(bangalore) asked me sign a form that said that I am ok with Devendra telecom taking claims on my behalf (they told its the usual process). I have been following-up with them continuously whether the claim payments have been done and they kept on denying that payment pending from Insurance people

Finally after waiting for one year this year I went to insurance people and checked and they confirmed that both claims have been settled last year in May 2015 only (10500 and 5500).

However the owner Mr.Kxxxl has paid only one for 5500 till date and denied other payment till May 2016. Now when I shared the payment confirmation details from Insurance people to Devendra telecom, he promised to pay me the other claim amount also. But it has been more than a month still no payments done from his side.

I have been continuously following up with him. He told that he will do an online transfer, then he told that I need to come to his office to sign some papers. I went to this shop on 11th June Sat at 1:30 pm and he promised to come by 4:30 pm. After waiting for 4 hours he told that he is busy and cannot come to shop, wasted my whole saturday in waiting. Next he told that he will send some guy on Monday, 13th June and he will give the cheque and takes my signatures . But finally on last monday he told that he has dropped an Axis bank cheque favoring my ICICI account. The cheque is still not cleared after 1 days? I have even shared my Axis bank account details with him to make the process smooth but he is now replying to my messages.

I want my claim amount of Rs.10500, plus compensation for the mental torture that I am going through for last one year. The physical exertion that I was required to go to his shop and wait for 4-5 hours.

The same amount if kept in savings account would have got me some interest, I want that.

Lastly he has been the denying the fact that only one claim was settled in last May and other was pending. However both claims were settled in May-2015 itself, so he has been lying and delaying things for last one year with no intention to pay back my money.

Saurabh Gupta
Bangalore 560025, Karnataka
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxx2@hotmail.com / 23/06/2016 / 5:33 pm

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