I bought this product and used it on my face only twice. This cream has burnt my skin and impacted my face pretty badly. I though this cream doesn’t suit my skin type. I researched on it online and found out that this bloody product is a facewash and not a cream. It is nowhere mentioned on the box and package or in the directions to use.

Directions on it says: Wash thoroughly after use. (It doesn’t say anything about face wash. Neither the product says that it is a facewash nor the medical shop keeper mentioned while selling it to me.

I sent an email to Vicco Customer care and received a response that I should send them my address so that they will send an executive to show me how to use this product.

I have sent my complaint more than thrice to this merchant along with the attachments (Pictures) showing how badly my skin got impacted.

Due to this dumbest morons for not advertising the product correctly, my skin got affected for two weeks. I had to hide my face in my house for two weeks by taking Loss of Pay leaves from office.

I don’t want to let go this incident. I have decided to take this further and file a case in consumer court.

I have this product with me, directions mentioned on it, call interaction recording, email conversations, ad printout from their website and previous online complaint details on this product….I hope these details will suffice to screw this merchant for screwing my skin.

Kiran Kumar Pillalamarri
Hyderabad 500072, Telangana
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 14/04/2016 / 1:17 pm

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