Lately I have been suffering a lot with the useless and sudden major downfall of Vodafone services.

In urgency I bought a 3G data Wifi device, on 13th June, which got activated after 3-4 days, where they said, it will take 24hours, before selling their device.

20th june they barred my services for my main vf number, and when called they said, I have this second vf number whose bill is not paid, I said, you should have atleast informed, so that I could have checked the reason of delay. the staff was pretty arrogant. anyways payments were made.

24th june they barred my services of the 3g wifi card, because of the reason… that my 2nd vf numbers bill was pending… when I got it rechecked by their agent, that it was paid on 20th June, they said, your verification was negative.

Raised a request on 26th for reverification, nothing happened till 28th, when I called on 28th, then again the request was raised nothing happened or any call came, today, 30th june I called, the person says, its again negative, because… in address, lane number was not mentioned!!!!!

I am shocked and surprised, with such pathetic service, and ways of cheating consumer. The documents, proofs etc were all submitted, I have 3 Vf connections in my name, and 10 others in family members name… bills comes to same address, and they got balls to say its incorrect, and that because some unprofessional agent couldn’t verify. AND THEY GOT NO RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM?????

siddharth gupta
56 sainik farms, New Delhi 110062
Email: / 30/06/2015 / 5:56 pm

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