I have purchased a product of Tata Voltas Air Cooler of model no. VN-D70E (Electronic Model), it is just same as Tata Voltas Air Cooler of model no. VN-D70M (Manual Model) . As soon as I purchased a product got a trouble with the pump and remote control of that air cooler. I placed a request for customer service and they have solved the problem. After some days the cooler gets the problem with remote and water supply. Then i placed a request for customer support on 2nd May 2016 with a complaint No. 16050204011. But the service people did not came to us. Again I have given them complaint on 13th May 2016 regarding the same complaint. They did not respond me. Again I have placed a request on 16th May 2016, but the customer service people kept the call on hold for half an hour, then after suddenly the call was disconnected. This is the way the TATA Company were behaving. Again after 2 days the technician came to home but he directly said that this problems cannot be solved as of now, because of no time. He said that call me after the season is finished so that we will have the time.

Vijay Kumar Gunda
Karmanghat, Hyderabad 500079, Telangana
Email: vxxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 21/06/2016 / 11:19 am

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