Complaint regarding VU TV delivered by Flipkart

On 15augest I got my vu 40 inch led TV in Flipkart and after that when it checked it the sound quality is low and then I checked the specification in the website it is different as it shows 20W speaker in description area and in the bottom it shows that 16W only and after that I was trying to return the order and then on September 1 technician visit has been held for return and after that visit my return has been rejected. Then I contacted to Flipkart and they told that the issue is resolved so seller has rejected your return and I was shocked because the technician not even turn on the TV he was there for only 2 minutes and then he went and after explaining all those things to Flipkart again they asked me to place return and this is the 4th time I’m placing the return and they are keep on rejecting the return. No one is responding from Flipkart. So please take necessary action as I’m frustrated.

Pooshana Arthiban
Devachikanahall 560076, Karnataka

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