I had bought a woodland shoe in june 2016 which I was only able to wear on weekends as the job profile calls. And it was only for abt a month that I had it with me( hardly about 4-5 times that i could actually wear it as only weekends count for my job profile demands formal approach ) that I found the sole starting to take off the shoe. The next time when I wore it was when it almost came off at the front part. I visited one of the outlets wher they told me to get the bill.

The next weekend I went with the bill as I dont get much of off time in weekdays and thats when I was shocked to see the quality of their service. I couldn’t convince the executive in shop for the bill date format which was in month date year. then I thought it would be better to visit the same outlet where I bought it. They understood my problem and they seemed like they were happy to help. They promised me that this piece ll be replaced with another one as it can be easily seen that it hasn’t been worn much. I was delighted to hear those words which just boosted me with confidence that justice shall be served. But it was about after a couple of weeks that I recieved the shock saying they will be sending my shoe to the company for them to verify it. I was like what were u doin keeping it in ur shop all these days..!? They just told me that they had misplaced my shoe somewhere n they ll be sending it now for which I ll have to visit their outlet again n get another reciept as it wont be accounted for replacement if they send it now with the old reciept.. I visited them happily as I felt it dint matter much fo ultimately the replacement ll be done.

I went that weekend and got new reciept of that date. It was already 2 months by now since the date I bought. I lately recieved a call from them saying they have received my shoe n has been repaired. I was shocked to hear this as I was promised with a replacement and ended up with repair. They told me that the damage was not enough to be replaced. I, left with no option went to them n found my shoe in no state to like n wear it. Though the model number matched with the bill I had, the shoe wasn’t the way I had left it. I dint had a snap of the shoe from the date I dropped it with them which I could have used to argue abt the state of shoe. Then I dint recieve that shoe back from them and left it right there with them and just came over. U can resell that shoe woodland. U have my permission. I am not blaming anyone here.. I am only blaming myself for going for woodland even after my friends had told me not to. Please improve ur service woodland as its 4 of us friends now who lost interest in u now n u wouldnt be able to handle it if the number keeps raising.

Manjunath Srivathsa
Mandya 571401, Karnataka
Email: hxxxxxxxxxxxe@gmail.com / 04/10/2016 / 3:25 pm

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