I have Xiomi mobile Mi4i model. 2 days back my phone automatically got updated because of which the Google play store installed in my phone stopped working. Due to this my gmail account also started troubling it stopped receiving the new mails, though it keeps on synchronizing but the end result is 0. I have tried asking the customer care of Xiomi whatever they told me I did everything at the end they asked me to visit their service centre. Yesterday I visited the Malviya Nagar service centre and they told me that it needs to be formatted or I should purchase a new phone. Moreover I am not able to take the data back up from my phone as its not connecting with the PC or the laptop. I stood their for one hour they just checked my phone for 5min and this was the solution the gave me. My point is that its not my problem its the company’s problem why should I go ahead and spend so much of amount. My pocket is not so much. Instead of solving my problem they are putting a burden on me, is this the way you deal with your customer. I request you to kindly solve the problem asap as I am facing a lot of problem due to this.

Saman Zaman
New Delhi 110016
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxxxn@diabetacare.com / 16/04/2016 / 10:42 am

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