Complaint regarding Yamaha Fzsfi performance and service

I purchased a Yamaha Fzsfi on 26th June 2017 from Shreya Automobiles Bankura. On 19th July the bike stopped in the middle of a highway and frantically I contacted the Dealership Shreya Automobiles where they sent some guys and said that the battery was getting down and advised me to run the bike regularly for 10-12 kms wasting petrol after buying a bike of Rs1,02,000. On 2nd time also the same remedy was told. On 3rd time they kept the bike for 2 days running it for 2,000 kms and assured me that the problem won’t repeat again as the plug was getting loose due to jerking. On 4th time i.e 16th October complaint number IC-33155-S3H6 was registered by calling Yamaha Motor. Technical Advisor called me and said I cannot at this point of time as being Diwali Season there is heavy rush. Customer who purchase Yamaha product are fools and they are exploited like this thinking they won’t be able to do anything. On 23rd October Complaint was closed as dealership changed Battery and the battery regulator IYM:0001647. On 22nd October after completing 2nd service the problem recurred again and the Dealership changed the wiring of the bike. On 22nd January the same problem called Yamaha registered complaint IC-33523-L4V2. The dealership changed Battery again. They only changed Battery and fiddled with the bike thinking of no permanent solution and they were not skilled according to my point of view. On 5th of March again the same problem complaint registered IC-36380-K8S2. They refused service I each and every time the bike stops push the bike and bring it to the house. On 5th I was about to go college as I am a Professor in Department of Economics at Bankura Zilla Saradamoni Mahila Mahavidyapith and being such a reputed person Yamaha Motors along with the Dealership played mind games with me and as a result I have to go with huge mental agony and harassment. My wife who was ill on 5th March needed medical assistance but I couldn’t as the bike stopped and the dealership said in an obnoxious manner we couldn’t provide service. My case is going on in Consumer Forum Bankura. My bike is lying idle from 5th March onwards and god knows when Yamaha Motor will replace the bike and provide me a new one. The dealership sent guys from the dealership on 5th March saying that they will be installing a kick starter in a fuel injected which sounds silly from an engineering point of view. The bike is sold in the market as a Fuel Injected Variant. I refused to hand over the time as this is the 8-9 time I have to deal with the same problem and I won’t be installing a kick starter as it is a Fuel Injected bike also the dealership said in an obnoxious manner which hurt my ego. I also have the entire conversation in recorded form.Yamaha has to compensate for that and I want an explanation from Yamaha Motors regarding my harassment. Being a Professor my daily conveyance has been affected badly as the bike is in idle condition now.

I got a call from Yamaha Motor Kolkata a service engineer called on 12th March I said I am busy in a meeting call me at 4pm. I rang him and he said I am calling just right now. I also have that entire conversation in recorded form.

Thus Yamaha in a period of 10months could not rectify the problem which occured 8-9 times and it can be a conclusion that the bike has a manufacturing defect which Yamaha and the dealership failed to rectify from their end. The harassment that Yamaha gave me will be addressed properly in Consumer Forum and all the mind games will be put to an end. The Dealership will also have to give a reasonable and proper reason for this harassment. I want a new bike and compensation for the harassment that I dealt with.

Nityananda Patra
KENDUADIHI Bankura 722102, West Bengal

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    • Suman Patra on 20/03/2018 at 3:09 pm

    The company handed me a new bike as of 20th March.

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