I had purchased the Yu Yunicorn mobile in June 2016 during the initial flash sale from flipkart. In the month of July 2016 while I was charging the mobile with the given charger, the mobile overheated and stopped functioning. It was so overheated that when I tried to pick up the mobile, my fingers singed. After the mobile cooled down, I took it to the customer care in Pune, and deposited it vide the Receipt No W030201-0716-24553507 (copy attached) Their representative said that it would have to be taken to their main repair centre as they did not have the capability to repair it in the Pune customer care centre. The mobile was dispatched to the repair centre and it came back after about 3 weeks without repair. I am a serving army officer and am posted to NE. Since my leave had finished, the mobile was collected by my wife. She was told that the engineer has reported that the mobile has got burnt from inside and thus they could not do the needful. They also said that since it was my fault, I had to pay for the repair of the mobile. Since my wife did not much about the issue, she hot the mobile back to home, unrepaired.

I called the customer care and reasoned with them. My contention has been that since the device was being charged with the original charger and during that time other electronic devices were also being charged like my other mobile, laptop and other electronic devices like TV etc were also plugged in, how is it possible that the other devices did not get burnt and only the new mobile ie Yu Yunicorn got burnt. The customer care representative argued that the fault lies in the electricity supply within the house. I further contested that in that case all devices plugged in would have got damaged. Since that was not the case, Yu Yunicorn must have been defective or its internal chip and motherboard must have been sub standard thus it got damaged by overheating. It is pertinent to mention that the mobile was plugged in for charging for about 35 or 40 minutes only when it overheated. Also, overheating was a constant phenomenon. Another point is that if the voltage fluctuation should have caused the damage then why didnt the charger get burnt.

I have got 4 or 5 calls so far from the representatives of Yu Televentures customer care to include Team Leader and Manager, the latest being today ie 31 August 2016, but they still do not agree to replace the device or refund the money. They keep insisting that it is my fault. The company proudly advertises that Yu Yunicorn is the best device and does wonders amongst its peers whereas on ground neither the device performed well nor did they provide reasonable after sales service and support. Infact it has been overheating from the first day itself and when I checked their forum for help, it stated that it is a normal phenomenon. I bought the device as it was an Indian company, trying to encourage the brand whereas they, instead of resolving the problem of their elite device, are trying to blame me. Is it not possible that since they have manufactured the device in China, the quality could have been compromised. As the device is completely sealed, there is no way one can ascertain the inside of the device at own end. If they rectify the issue with device, may be they themselves will earn a better reputation as well as save the inconvenience being caused to me as well as other customers.

Madame/Sir, I have a feeling that these people do not wish to help and are trying to penalize me for no fault of mine. It is a kind request to help me resolve this issue. I wish that I should be refunded the money else I will continue to keep being troubled by such devices from this company. A kind and humane effort from you is requested.

Saurabh Pandey
Pune Cantt, Pune 411001, Maharashtra
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxy@gmail.com / 31/08/2016 / 5:55 pm

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