I have purcharsed YU YUNIQUE PLUS phone on 20-Dec-2016, within 7 days it got problem. Then i call to yu care they said i have to go nearest service center. Then on 27-Dec-2016 i go to “THE MOBILE CARE”(NEAR V3S MALL)LAXMI NAGAR, DELHI 110092 . They said it got motherboard problem and i have to submit my phone and within 10 days you will get your phone and they give me 21 days maximum deadline.21+ days gone, but till today my phone is not replaced/ repaired. Whenever i called Sevice center and YU CARE they always said that they order part but it’s not received.

They always give me date by date. (If they don’t have parts so why they submit the customer device. Why they do not first order the parts.) My JOB SHEET NO:- N030666-1216-27105595

I have urgent need of my phone. So, i want my repaired device.

And i only said YU that their device are good, but their after sale service is very poor. They call them India company, but if they provide such type of service to their customer then one day it will possibly vanish from the Indian market.

Naresh Jadli
Khichripur New Delhi 110091
Email: nxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 19/01/2017 / 9:37 am

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