I m writing you with the hope that you will understand the seriousness of my concern. As you must have seen that there are numerous complaints about woodeals.com. I am also a victim of same, I ordered laptop from that site worth Rs.33000 which is a huge amount, i did the payment through credit card. I did it in december 2014. i did lot of complaints lodge F.I.R also but no one did anything. today i thought to check if the site is still working or not and i found your page on top with numerous complaints against wooodeals. I felt really bad that even till this year people were fooled everybody did the mistake which i did. i feel helpless that i could not stop people from ordering from that site even after knowing and those fraud people are enjoying with our money. Its a humble requests on behalf of all victims to find them and teach wooodeals a lesson otherwise these fraud website will be encouraged if nothing is done. please please please do something and don’t ignore my mail just like a random one .You will seriously get too many good wishes n name n fame if u resolved this issue…
thankyou in advance (you can contact me if you need any details).

Vertica Singh
P.N.Road lucknow
Email: singhvertica[@]gmail.com / 25/06/2015 / 3:14 pm

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