Complaints Resolved

Here are some of the complaints solved by us. There could many more that have not been reported to us. We request consumer members to report to us whenever a complaint is resolved.

Refund from Paytm – Rs.1095/-: Mr. Paresh Shah of Vesu, Surat made a recharge from my mobile for payment of Dish TV of Rs 1095. The transaction failed but the amount was deducted from his credit card. Even after a month he did not get his money back. He posted his complaint with ICF on 28-09-2016 and the issue was taken up with Paytm and the customer got his money back by 30-09-2016.

Paresh Shah, Vesu, Surat

Refund from Ebay – Rs.7,000/-: Mr. Srikanth Suman Garishakurthi of Bellandur, Bangalore ordered Moto E 4G mobile device with Ebay and received the in unsealed pack of Galaxy Note 3. He had immediately raised a claim and was asked by the Seller to return the device so that he will arrange to send the actual product. However, the customer was apprehensive to take another device from the dealer as he had lost confidence and he asked for refund. Therefore the wrong product was picked up from the customer’s place. However, the customer was provided incorrect address of the Seller and the product could not be delivered to the Seller. The customer contacted Ebay many times but did not get any assistance. He finally posted his complaint with ICF on 16-08-2016 and the matter was taken up with Ebay and the vendor. After follow-ups, the customer got his refund by 08-09-2016.

Srikanth Suman Garishakurthi, Bellandur, Bangalore

Repair of Micromax Tab: Mr. Akash Pandey of Rajajipuram, Lucknow 226011, UP submitted his Micromax tablet to their service centre on 11-06-2016 for out-of-warranty service. However, even after two months, the tablet was not repaired. He posted his complaint at ICF on 14-08-2016 and the matter was taken up with Micromax. Finally, Mr. Pandey got his table serviced free of cost and the issue was resolved by 05-09-2016.

Akash Pandey, Rajajipuram, Lucknow

Refund from Go Ibibo – Rs.7,493/-: Mr. Mohammed Sanjeliwala of Anand, Gujarat 388001 have booked online Air ticket from Go Ibibo Website. When he booked the ticket they showed that if cancelled only Return Ticket will be refundable. However, when the customer expressed his intention to cancel the ticket he was told he would not get any refund. Mr. Sanjeliwala posted his complaint with ICF on 23-08-2016 and the matter was taken up with Go Ibibo. After follow-ups, the customer got the mutually agreed refund of Rs.7,493/-.

Mohammed Sanjeliwala, Anand, Gujarat

Refund from Miracas – Rs. 2,890/- : Ms. Deeksha Shetty of Bangalore, Karnataka placed an order with on 29.04.2016 and made online payment of Rs 2890. There was a delay in shipment and she called them several times to enquire about the reason for delay. Every time she was given misleading information and finally they sent a message on 23-06-2016 that the order has been cancelled since it was out of stock. The company said that they will give refund voucher but the customer wanted refund in her account. She posted her complaint with ICF on 23-07-2016 and the matter was taken up with the company. After follow-up, the customer got her money back by 20-08-2016.

Deeksha Shetty, Bangalore, Karnataka

Refund coupon from Ebay – Rs.480/- : Mr. Debapriyo Jana, Ichapur, Kolkata 743144, West Bengal returned a product to the Ebay Seller against which the Seller had assured refund coupon. As he did not receive the coupon even after 4 weeks, he posted his complaint with ICF on 16-08-2016. The complaint was submitted to Ebay / Seller and finally the customer got his refund coupon on 18-08-2016.

Debapriyo Jana, Ichapur, Kolkata, West Bengal

Refund from Amazon – Rs.20,000/- : Mr. Piyush Kumar of Faridabad, Haryana  had returned a Yamaha Keyboard on 06-07-2016 (order no-404-6899635-7842713) to AMAZON and the product price was Rs.21,650. But  Amazon refunded him only Rs.1,650. He approached Amazon many times but he could not get the balance money. He posted his complaint at ICF on 19-07-2016 and the issue was take up with Amazon and the vendor. After follow-ups, Amazon’s legal team confirmed refund made to the customer and the issue was resolved.

Piyush Kumar, Faridabad, Haryana

Waiver of Charges by ICICI Bank – Rs.1,100/-: Mr. Pankaj Sharma of Sikar 332001, Rajasthan was having a no minimum balance account with Rajasthan Bank which was later merged with ICICI Bank. However, after merger, ICICI Bank started charging for non-maintenance of minimum balance without notification to the customer. His repeated email to ICICI to waive the charges did not produce any result. He posted his complaint with ICF on 27-07-2016 and the matter was taken up with the bank. Finally, the bank refunded the charges on 05-08-2016.

Pankaj Sharma, Sikar 332001, Rajasthan