Complaints Resolved

Here are some of the complaints solved by us. There could many more that have not been reported to us. We request consumer members to report to us whenever a complaint is resolved.

Refund from Snapdeal – Rs.1600/-: Ms Shagufta Sulaiman, Kolkata, West Bengal  ordered hp laptop battery from Snapdeal online shopping site. But when she didn’t get any update on getting the product she bought it from the market because of urgent need.  When the product was received from Snapdeal, she saw it didn’t get fit into her laptop. She immediately lodged a complaint with Snapdeal and also wrote to them.  After repeated reminders pickup was done after due verification and inspection of the product.  After accepting the product on 15th March, Snapdeal suddenly said they are going to return back my product and they are not going to refund. She posted her complaint with ICF on 22-03-2017 and the matter was taken up with Snapdeal and the customer got her refund by 4 May, 2017.

Shagufta Sulaiman, Kolkata, West Bengal

Refund from Neartion – Rs.326/-: Mr. Sd Bhatia of Agra 282005, Uttar Pradesh placed an order for Sandisk 16GB pendirve with Neartion on 15.01.2017. However, even after two months the product was not delivered and no refund made. Several reminders by customer went in vain and Mr. Bhatia posted his complaint with ICF on 05-03-2017. The matter was taken up with Neartion and PG service and after rigorous follow-up the customer got refund by 28-04-2017.

Sd Bhatia, Agra 282005, UP

Refund from Snapdeal – Rs.10,000/- :  Mr. Kakarla Chandra Shekar, Kadapa Dist, Proddatur, AP 516360 had returned WYBER TV to Snapdeal on 28-02-2017 by incurring courier charges, as wrong product was delivered. The customer did not get refund and he posted his complaint with ICF on 08-03-2017 and the matter was taken up with Snapdeal. The customer finally got his money back by 28-03-2017.

K. Chandra Shekar, Kadapa Dist, Proddatur, AP 516360

Claim settlement by Mediassist: Mr. Sudhir Bisht of NOIDA 201301, Uttar Pradesh was admitted into Max Super Speciality Hospital as per the doctor’s advice for blood transfusion due to severe anaemia. The patient had initially opted for cashless treatment and the initial request was approved by the TPA Mediassist. Since the discharge summary was already issued before the approval was received, the patient had paid the bill and opted to claim reimbursement. However, when the patient applied for reimbursement he was shocked to find that his claim was denied on the ground that anaemia was not payable as per current policy terms and conditions. Mr. Sudhir posted his complaint on ICF site on 25-12-2016 and the matter was taken up with the TPA. Mr. Sudhir finally got his claim settled by 23-02-2017.

Sudhir Bisht, Noida, UP

Return of phone from Mr. Vivek Verma of  Ambalipura, Bangalore 560103, Karnataka ordered for water damage repair of Asus zenfone max phone with They picked up the phone but later sent a mail that due to unavailability of parts the phone could not be repaired. However, while returning the phone they returned a different non-working phone. Even after repeated emails by Mr. Verma, they did not resolve the issue. Mr. Verma posted his complaint with ICF on 30-01-2017 and the matter was taken up with them. After follow-ups, the customer got his phone back with some complimentary gifts. Issue got resolved by 24-02-2017.

Vivek Verma, Bangalore 560103, Karnataka

Refund from Neartion – Rs. 4,490/-:  Mr. K Ramu of Naimnagar 506001, Andhra Pradesh ordered a product on nearton on 28/12/16. His order id was 2448248 and he paid by debit card amount Rs 4490/-. He neither got the product nor refund. He posted his complaint with ICF on 20-01-2017 and the matter was taken up with the parties concerned. After follow-ups, Mr. Ramu finally got his refund by 15-02-2017.

K.Ramu, Naimnagar 506001, Andhra Pradesh

Refund from Toolwale – Rs.9,731/-:   Mr. Anish V Nair of Changanasserry 686546, Kerala placed an order with for f&d tower speake valued at Rs 9731 on 24/09/2016. Since they failed to deliver the product , Mr. Nair asked for refund. Mr. Nair has been trying to get the refund for the last two months but refund was not made. He posted his complaint with ICF on 07-12-2016 and the matter was taken up with the parties concerned.  After follow-ups, the amount was refunded on or about 30-12-2016.

Anish V Nair, Changanasserry 686546, Kerala

Refund from Snapdeal – Rs. 849/-: Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Ballia, UP had purchased USB power bank from Snapdeal for Rs. 849.00 but it turned out to be defective. This order was returned back to Snapdeal on 10 Jan 2017 but there was no refund of money was done from Snapdeal side. Mr. Gupta posted his complaint at ICF on 01-02-2017 and got his refund by 03-02-2017.

Sandeep Gupta, Ballia, UP