This is related to the destruction of consignment no.D26554591 of a parcel containing 50 kgs of potato breeder’s seeds at their office in Chennai. The parcel was sent by me as through DTDC Danapur, Patna branch on 13th April 2016. The agent promised me to deliver the parcel to the destination within 5 days. The material were supposed to be delivered to Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Wayanad, Kerela for conducting on-fields trials and Frontline Demonstrations in farmers’ fields by the KVK Wayanad. As the planting time was already late, i had paid Rs. 4500/- being the courier charge by myself with the agreement that the same amount would be deposited in my account by Project Coordinator, KVK Wayanad as soon as the materials reached his KVK. As for potato breeders’ seeds, the purchase was done on credit basis with similar agreement. After five days, i contacted programme coordinator of KVK who informed me that the materials had not reached the destination. Since then, almost every day i contacted the agent, customer support and asst. CSS manager, DTDC Patna and even mailed them about the status of the consignment but they always tlied saying that the parcel would be reaching soon and was under process.
After 10 days, i called them twice or thrice a day since the materials have to be reached KVK as potato seeds are highly perishable and would rot soon. Their response were always same. It was about two weeks later that they started to take the matter seriously and finally told me that the materials had been destroyed at their office in Chennai on 29th April 2016 as it was totally rotten and spoiled. It was a great loss for the station and the KVK as the materials were sent for research and extension activities for public interest. I have asked DTDC to refund the amount paid for courier charge and purchase of seeds as it was destroyed by them. But the company did not take the matters seriously. I even called the agent many times who started to not even pick up my calls. I sent many mails to costumer support and asst.CSS managers, but they never replied back. This is not the first time that they delayed the shipment. The same happened when the station sent potato samples to Shillong, Meghalaya. It took more days than they promised. I therefore request you to kindly look into the matter and communicate the status. thanking you

Pynbianglang Kharumnuid
Patna 801506, Bihar
Email: / 17/06/2016 / 12:29 pm

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