I have received the damaged product (order no. 81088137). I have also received different product than the product ordered. I have ordered Surya Mate 3 Burner Gas stove of Rs. 1598 and I have received Surya Crystal 3 burner gas stove. (i.e. the product ordered was Surya Mate and order delivered was Surya Crystal). I have not only received different product than what I have ordered but also the 2 main burners of the gas were not working and I have paid repairing charges of Rs. 800 for repairing those 2 burners. I have already put up 3 complaints in Shop Clues.com, but they are not ready to give me refund as they are telling that we have put up a complaint for returning the product within 2 days which is not possible for the customer.

That means they want to say that the shop clues.com will supply damaged product to the customer and customer will pay to them fully for these damaged products which is totally pathetic.

Is there any law which will prohibit these companies to sell damaged products publicly only and cheat the customers.

I have requested them to atleast refund my reparing charges of Rs. 800, but they are not ready to refund these charges also.

Please give me the justice by way of getting full money or repairing charges which I have paid for the product which I have bought from Shop Clues.com

Manohar Gopalani
Chembur, Mumbai 400089, Maharashtra
Email: mxxxxxxxxxxxxxi@sbi-life.com / 02/03/2016 / 1:01 pm

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