I purchased an AC and stabilizer from www.infibeam.com on 27th feb 2016. They deducted the money from my credit card for both the transactions. I got confirmation emails for both the products saying they would be shipped by 3rd March. The stabilizer was delivered around 5-6 march. However, we did get any information from them about the shipment or delivery of the AC for 1 week even though in the original mail it was written they would ship the AC by 3rd march. when I called the customer care, they said the product was out of stock even though it was still showing as available on their website.

One day later, again i called and they said it was out of stock and immediately removed the product from the website. Around 6th-7th march, they asked me to cancel my order for the AC or pay 5000 extra for the same product. They even offered me to take another product which was much more inferior in quality and feature than the original product. In this whole process, I did not open the stabilizer box since I had not received the AC from infibeam. Now, I finally gave up and cancelled that order and bought a new AC from snapdeal. On 13th march, when I opened the packaging of the stabilizer box, I found the stabilizer completely broken. When I called the customer care, they simply refused to take my complaint saying they have a policy to return product only within 48 hours even though there was a delay from my side only because of their mistake. What should do now? What should i do with a broken stabilizer which I had ordered along with an AC which I never actually received. I feel so cheated upon and mentally tormented.

hema k
Hyderabad 500081, Telangana
Email: hxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com / 13/03/2016 / 11:27 pm

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