Debit freeze on airtel payments account without valid reason

My airtel payments bank account number 99xxxxxxx5 has been put on debit freeze wiithout providing any valid reason or any prior notification. I have submitted all the necessary document to their team but still they have not lifted the freeze on my account. They have been misleading their clients and robbing them by offering invalid reasons which is quite disgraceful from a reputed company like airtel and this is not only happening with me i have 3-4 friend who are facing the same issue and strangely the airtel has offered the same reason behind putting a debit freeze against alll the accounts which is quite suspicious as we have submitted all the documents requested by them to verify the authenticity of our accounts including our aadhar card copy. This needs to be stopped as this is quite frustrating and shameful.

Manish Sharma
South Ganesh Nagar, New Delhi 110092

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