We bought aquaguard hot and cold through online after talking to their representative via phone. He encouraged us to pay online and send us payment link through mail. We ordered online on March 30th and our customer id is 8000500862.The product itself took 1 month to reach our door steps. After installation we found that the piece is defective. Water is leaking from inside and very less water we get in bottles. More water goes out than we get in bottle. We talked to customer service and local managers but no one came to fix it or provide a solution for replacement. And we talked to our area manager he told us since we bought the product online its not their responsibility to replace the defective peiece. Called customer service nearly 50 times and my complaint number with them is 81517877. Talked to customer service managers sxxxxxxh, sxxxxxxa and sxxxi. Local managers in chamrajpet vxxxxh,Bxxxxxh and Gxxxxxxa.Till now we got no one to fix it for us. All we receive reply from local mangers is product bought online so they cant help. I dont know why they are selling it online and encouraged us to buy online if they cant support it. The product cost is Rs 27,990 I want someone to fix the problem or looking for replacement of this defective piece. They were talking nice till my 30 days refund period got over. Now customer service person says he got no solution for this and he dont know what to do in my case.Local team cant help as they didnt receive commission on my product. The product is 2 months old and has warranty.

Giridhar Manickavelu
796, Jalagramma temple street, 5th main, srinagar, Bangalore 560050, Karnataka
Email: giridharmanikavelu@gmail.com / 01/07/2015 / 2:13 pm

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  1. Giridhar g, what happened finally to your defective Aquaquard …..why I am asking I have same problem now. Need your advise PLEASE

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