We purchased a samsung fridge from sales emporium, 443 jessore road, kolkata, but were supplied with a defective piece. credit memo no.cr/01860/4/2016-2017 dt.28.4.16

The fridge does not cool. their engineer visited and confirmed the fridge does no cool and is a defective piece and needs replacement. we called the dealer sales emporium but to out utter surprise we were mocked at by their representatives.

sir i feel to tally harassed and helpless

we need your help to get an immediate replacement and compensation as we feel totally stressed going through this ordeal just because we showed our faith to the dealer and paid full money in advance. Looking for your support.

anil harbhajanka
JBS Halden Ave, Kolkata 700105, West Bengal
Email: vxxxxxxxxxxxxs@gmail.com / 14/05/2016 / 2:24 pm

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