A mobile phone, MotoG 3rd generation had been ordered from flipkart.com, an online retailer. I earlier had a very bad experience while buying from flipkart, but, since this product was only available online and my colleages suggested me that the product will be good, so, I had bought this product. The order id was OD404575177582767000. I had also asked these fellows so that the similar problem may not arise again.

From the very first day, I am facing several problem with the phone. Sometimes the temperature is rising upto 43 degree celcius. Touchscreen is very much laggy. I do not understand why should I allow them to tap my data, when they asked me to do smartcheck. This is simply a violation of consumers privacy. Nevertheless I did that, thinking they might notice logged historical data. But, when I called them the phone temp was normal. To be mentioned, the phone is getting heated up while charging, or the condition I don’t know. But instead of taking care of my problem, they started accusing and harassing me.

Now, I want them the the product to be returned back to them with full refund, and please take care of them for harassing us. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Subir Majumder
Powai, Mumbai 400076, Maharashtra
Email: majumdersubirpmc2011s]@gmail.com / 08/12/2015 / 12:00 pm

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