Defective pigeon gas stove and poor customer service

I purchased three burner smart plus blackline cooktop of pigeon brand from big bazar, bareilly on 11/03/2017. When I installed it, I found defect in one burner. It was going off on sim mode. Then I complained to big bazar on visit next month. Big bazar gave me mobile number of service person- mr. Sxxxxd Sxxxxxxa. I phoned him many times but he did not respond. I again complained to big bazar on my next visit. Big bazar sales man also talked to him, then he promised to attend the complain but he did not turn up for two three months. Then I lodged complain on pigeon customer no. & Complain was registered with comp. No. 745054. I awaited months but nobody came to attend the complain. Again, I rang up mr. Sxxxxd many times, then he came once and inspected and he told me that one nozil is defected. I will change it on my next visit. After a few months wait, I again called him many times, every time he promised but did not turn up. During this process one passed. I again rang up him on 11/03/2018, he came one day and replaced defective nozil. Next day gas leakage was started from that nozil. Again I rang up to mr. Sxxxxd and as usual he came after about one month, mean time, gas stove caught fire with flames once but I putoff immediately by switching off from cylinder. He came on 11 /07/2018 & did something in the stove. Next day one burner which repaired earlier, was not giving full flames. In nut shell the stove is not functioning properly, even it is poorer than before servicing. Now company is saying that stove is out of warranty and service man is not responding.

M. P Sagar
Mahanagar, Bareilly 243006, Uttar Pradesh

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