I have an Iphone 6s which had undergone repair, the same was protected under Apps Daily protection plan.

The claim intimation id is – AD_D_180516_197677408

The claim was raised on 18 May, 2016. All the required documents and processes required by the company have been duly submitted and taken care of.

Till date, the matter has not been resolved, the time line is given as follows :

1) Claims raised on 18 May, 2016. The service centre people are clueless about the claim process and 3 different versions of how a claim is to be raised were presented to the client. When pressed the executives that customer wishes to speak with the manager I was made to speak with their training supervisor under false pretenses.

2) All documents required by the company submitted Via. Soft Copy & Hard Copy by 18-25 June, 2016.

3) Confirmation email from the company that the claim has been processed and the amount assigned is Rs. 12,700/- (June 2016)

4) Gap of almost 1 month, on 1 August,2016 the status update is – Documents sent to NIA (No intimation of the same to the customer)

5) Contacted Customer care on 26 August, First Mr. Dxxxxxxd Khan from the customer care department claimed that the delay has been due to incomplete documents, upon providing the details his statement changed. Upon asking the specific reason for the delay, no answer was provided, instead a sms was sent ” We have processed and the sent the claim for finalization and Claim status will be informed within next 21 days” (Which was to be sent to the customer on 1st August). Had a holding time of 30-45 minutes. Executive assured that a senior from their team will call within 30 minutes, no one called till now, no emails or smses for the same.

6) Email sent to support[@]appsdaily.in on 27th august and spoken to various executives who handle the regional market, no one had any clue of why there was a delay in the process. Spoke to Mr. Nxxxxxxxxxxa who handles the Durg region and he explicitly confirmed “Claim will be processed before 15 September any how”

7) Email received from support[@]appsdaily.in dated 7 September 2016″ We are looking into your problem and have forwarded the same to our regional team”

8) Till date no one from the regional team has bothered to contact me and explain the reason for the delay

9) Called the customer care and the regional executives on 16th September; following are the explanations given by the same

a) Mr. Sxxxxxxxxxh assured that the claim will be processed either by September end or October 1st week

b) Executives from Customer care services assured that their supervisor/Senior will call within 5 minutes

c) Called the customer care after 3 hours, they made an excuse that the supervisor is busy, further being kept on hold for another 15-20 Minutes, Mr. Rxxxxxxxxxh/Rxxxxxxt assured that we will look into the matter and respond by the end of the day. I guess he lives in USA as the day has not ended for him

d) Mr. Rxxxxxxxxh/Rxxxxxxt Claimed that the matter will be resolved in 7-10 Days, quite opposite from the time frame committed by their regional team.

e) Again an sms is being sent by the organization ” We have processed and the sent the claim for finalization and Claim status will be informed within next 21 days”

Despite requesting the team from the company that what so ever may be the reasons for delay, kindly inform where the matter is getting stuck and why the process is taking so long, no one was ever able to provide with reasonable and logical information as to the reason for the problem

The company has no mechanism to raise any complaints except emails. If a customer does not have access to email or internet god forbid, the company will wash their hands off the claim.

No one in the service centre has the ability or authority to raise any complaint to the organization in behalf of the customer, same is the case with the phone number which handles the customer service calls.

Nikhil Shah
Malviya Nagar, Durg 491001, Chattisgarh
Email: nxxxxxxxxxxs@gmail.com / 16/09/2016 / 11:52 pm

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