Delay in service by Onsite for three months

My HTC mobile got power button issue which was purchased on jan 2014. i got power button issues on 25/07/2015 which was purchased from sangeetha stores and we have also purchased extended warranty from them. At the time of purchase, sangeetha stores informed us that if you got any issue during the time of extended warranty approach us and we will give another mobile for use and take the mobile for service. Like they said, we approached them for the service and now they are saying that we are not giving any mobile and contact directly the extended warranty company for the service. We asked then why you guys said like that when we came to purchase the mobile? They said we have removed that now and we are not giving any mobiles. We asked then what about us who has issues now? they are having no answer for that. Even my brother purchased Samsung mobile from them with extended warranty. Please take action on sangeetha stores for incorrect advertising and providing no help after purchasing extended warranty from them.

My main issue starts now:
As sangeetha stores are not helping us, we approached the extended warranty company Onsite. We called them and they came to us to collect the mobile on 26/07/2015. During that they kept the mobile almost for 45 days and I called them regarding the status of repair and I got my mobile finally on 05/09/2015. Almost they kept my mobile 40 days with them. when I got my mobile I got surprised that it is not repaired which was kept for 40 days with them. I again called them and they came on 07/09/2015 and they took my mobile again. I asked them to repair it properly this time and they said the mobile would be ready by 18/09/2015. I again got message on 18th that it would be ready by 24/09/2015. I called to manager of onsite and on 21/09/2014 and spoke to him and he apologized for the long delay and for not repairing properly for first time and he promised me that mobile would be ready by 24/09/2015. Again on 24/09/2015, I got message that mobile is not repaired and it will be ready by 26/09/2015. I waited up to 26th and got message that mobile is ready and it will be delivered by 28/09/2015. I again called on 28/09/2015 and they said mobile is not repaired and it will take some more time, I am shocked and totally loss. I got message again that mobile will be ready by 12/10/2015. Like wise, they are shifting the dates from past two months and not repairing my mobile and they are not responding to me properly regarding my status.

MT htc mobile is of worth RS.22,787. sir, I got no help from them and I am sure that they will not give my mobile to me on 12/09/205 as well. Please help me for getting my mobile. I am trying to post in forum and sent emails to you and I got validation errors in posting and I got the contact us page opened. So, I am posting here. I have already sent an EMail from with images of complaint form and invoice of mobile. I got no reply from Email. I am posting here again. Please help me Sir.
My brother Sharath kumar got help from you regarding the lenovo laptop issue and I am expecting the same help from you. Thanking you

Kammari Bharath Kumar
Allwyn colony, kukatpally, hyderabad
Email: bharathkumarspec] / 30/09/2015 / 12:21 pm

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