I had placed an order for two products on Amazon.in on the 8th of June,2015. I had chosen the ‘One-Day Delivery Guarantee’ facility at checkout, since these were gifts for a friend of mine and I wanted them to be delivered by 9th June, 2015. The shipping address that I had provided was my official address. The package was shipped the same day from their facility and was scheduled to be delivered to Me on time, as per the tracking system.

9th June 2015. ( The day after I placed the order) :

I received an ‘Out For Delivery’ SMS and an Email at 3:30 PM. The delivery agents from amazon usually come to my workplace for delivery between 4:30 and 5:30. So I was expecting the delivery to happen around the same time.

I waited till 6 PM and I got no call/msg from the delivery agent. I immediately contacted the customer support team. I spoke to Mr. Vxxxxxxh and he gave me the same details which were already available for my reference under the Tracking section. He also promised me that he will contact the delivery agent and arrange for the delivery on priority.

In the meanwhile, I also wrote about the issue on their Facebook Page. I got a response from Ms. Gxxxxe asking me to wait till 10 PM, as deliveries happen till then.

I waited till 8:30 PM before I contacted the support team again. I spoke to Ms. Sxxxxa this time. I was furious and asked her to transfer the call to the escalation team. She placed my call on hold for 3 minutes. She later came back and said she will ensure that the order is delivered tomorrow. I insisted that I want to talk to the escalation team. She placed my call on hold again, this time for a good 13 minutes. While the call was on hold, I got an email and an SMS stating that the delivery attempt was unsuccessful since the consignee was unavailable and hence, it has been rescheduled. I was FURIOUS NOW!

The call was then transferred to Mr. Axxxm from the leadership team. I gave him a peace of my mind, thanks to that SMS. I was contacting them throughout from the same address that I had provided them. I didn’t receive a single call from the delivery person. This was ridiculous. Mr. Axxxxm said he will contact the agent and promised me a call back in 15 minutes.

I got a call from Mr. Axxxm in 15 minutes. He said the delivery agent had a lot of orders to be delivered and by the time he came near my workplace, it was 6 :30 PM. Since it was 6:30 PM and it was an official address, he ‘Assumed’ the office will be closed and I won’t be available.

Mr. Axxxm also admitted that it was a miss from their end and they will compensate me by giving me a 200 rupee gift voucher. What the hell? What about the mental trauma and frustration that I had to go through?

It is the 10th of June, 2015. I still haven’t received my order.

Kudos, Amazon!

Chinmay Nadig
Hanuma Layout Arehalli, Near Chaitanya Techno School, Bangalore 560061, Karnataka
Email: chinmaynadig@gmail.com / 10/06/2015 / 11:16 am

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