This incident took place on 17th May 2014, in the given address ACT have installed a junction box where many ACT LAN connections meet. Around 1-1:30pm there was a sudden blast in the junction box installed right in front of my main door, and within few minutes the same running LAN connected to my laptop blasted, which suddenly switched off my laptop and didnt started when I tried to turn it on again. When I opened the door to see what actually happened I saw the junction box door was open and saw many wires and LAN’s were burnt due to the blast, and also saw an open sparking wire.

At the same time I called ACT customer care and registered my complain. In the evening one of their executive came to check, and as soon as he touched the wire there was second blast which burnt the remaining number of wires connected to it.

So the executive just replaced the LAN pin with new ones and left. The next day I called the customer care again to replace the wire which I used, so Mr.Rxxxxt came to replace it. As my laptop wasn’t working so I asked him to ring his manager so that I could talk to him regarding the damage. The person to whom I talked asked to take the number of one of his employee from Mr. Rxxxxt who handles customer complaint. Hence Mr.Rxxxxxt gave me the number of Mr.Vxxxxxy.

I talked to him regarding it, and he said that he will discuss this matter with his team and will cal me again. But I didn’t received any cal from their side, so I called him again within3-4 working days. This time he said that he will send his executive again to take the pics of the damage. It was around 3 days but no one came, so I called him again. The next day two of his executives came including Mr.Rxxxxt and took few pics of the laptop. They told me to give the laptop in service center for repair, so I made it clear to them that if the company is taking the responsibility of my damage I will give the laptop for repair, if not then I won’t as I am not in such a condition that I can bear the repairing cost. So Mr.Rxxxxt made a confirmation call to Mr.Vxxxxxy same point and said that yes their company will take the responsibility, and asked me to meanwhile give it for inspection only to just find out the main damage and contact them again. When I gave it for inspection I came to know that it’s motherboard has been totally damaged and is non repairable but replaceable. I took the pics of the burnt motherboard along with the other damage such as burnt LAN connection as well as bursted junction box and sent all these to Mr.Vxxxy. Also I called the same day and told that it’s entire motherboard has been burnt along with all its tracks. He agreed with my point and said that there are other complaints too from the same building, so they want time for discussion and will call me as soon as there will be any update. Every time he said so, he never called back and at the end of the day I have to call him and ask for updates, but didnt got any positive reply from their side.
Almost 3 weeks pasted we called many times but still the same reply, that processing is ON. Finally I called him him again after 2-3 days and he asked me to give the laptop again for the detailed inspection and told me to mail him the quotation and the total repair cost.

I gave my laptop to a dell authorized service center and came to know that not only motherboard had burnt but also display and keypad has gone and will cost me approx 19k. As told by Mr.Vxxxxy I mailed him the quotation, he told that it will take few days or a week of processing time. The very next day i got a call from laptop service center saying that similar model motherboard is not available in market and hence can’t be replaced, or repaired.

After the number of days told by Mr.Vxxxxy I didnt received any call, then i called him again for the update. He asked for 2 days, and we agreed. Since then whenever we call him he asks for two days and we agree, expecting some positive response from them. Finally we mailed him again giving a weeks notice saying that if there is some response from their side within these days then well and good otherwise we have to take some legal step against their company. After a week finally he called me asking for two days more, and as usual we gave him. Same thing happened twice and as usual he asked for 2-2 days everytime. Similarly last week(wednesday)he called me again and said that on Friday he’ll call me for sure and I too said that this will be the last time that I will be giving more time, but still till date didn’t received any call. Today its exact 1 month and 13 days and still I didn’t received any response from ACT, all what I get to hear is that processing is ON.

Sonika Shabnam
Main Amarjyoth Layout, Hebbal, Bangalore 560032, Karnataka
Email: / 29/06/2015 / 3:09 pm

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