I am an IDEA cellular customer from Calicut, Kerala. I am on a package which promises 2GB of free data usage and the plan is called ‘No Bill Shock – 549’. I use Wifi service while at home & Office and the 3G Service is accessed only when Wifi is inaccessible. Hence I always have been within my usage limits. More over I keep a track of my data usage with an app available on Apple iStore which is called ‘My Data Manager’.

However, in the billing cycle of June-July 2015 I was charged by IDEA for an excessive usage of about 500 Mb. Meanwhile I am well within my free usage limit as per my phone’s data usage calculation which shows 1.7GB only. I contacted IDEA Customer Care over phone and informed them about this discrepancy in the data usage. However, they persistently denied my claim and also barred the out going service from my phone even without intimating me about the same. I had to call up the Cust Service again and had a tough time getting the outgoing service revived and I was assured that the service will be intact if I pay Rs.1000/- within 48 hours of reviving the outgoing facility. But again to my utter disappointment the outgoing service was barred once again within 10 Hours of reactivation against the promised 48 hours. I had to make more than 4 calls to Cust Service & talk to a Supervisor in order to get this rectified and get the service up & running.

I paid the committed amount of Rs.1000/- within next 48 hours. I also did sent a mail to the Cust Service as advised by the supervisor attaching a screen shot from my phone which shows the Data usage of 1.7GB as calculated by the app in my phone. Stating that there has been a miscalculation form the side of the service provider and asking for an explanation on why there could be a difference between the two modes of calculation. However, all I got was a pre drafted kind of mail which states I exceeded so and so Mb of data usage and hence I have to pay for it.

I mailed them again saying I understand that according to their means of calculation I am said to exceed the usage. But I wanted an explanation on why the difference in calculation between my phone app and their mode of calculation for which they never gave an explanation.

Finally they asked me to mail to their Appellate Authority addressing my complaint along with the screen shots. I mailed the Appellate Authority twice on 10th and 11th of Aug. However, despite the automated reply stating they will contact me withing 24 hours I was never contacted by anyone on this regard till date. And again the outgoing service was barred last week and again today. Both the times it is reactivated upon calling the Cust Care and I am promised that I will be contacted by the Appellate Authority soon.

I feel that I am being denied the privileges of a customer as promised by the Service Provider and also that Mobile Service Providers are indeed cheating customers regarding the Data Usage Limits. On discussing with others I came to realize that there are many people who have faced similar issues regarding data usage.

Attaching the screen shot from my phone showing the data usage for the concerned billing cycle. Please do advise me on what to be done on this regard.

Sumeet Sadanand
Mithila, Athanikkal, West Hill, Calicut 673005, Kerala
Email: sumeet.sadanand[@gmail.com / 31/08/2015 / 6:25 pm

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