DTDC delivers document at wrong address

Documents deliver by DTDC courier service by wrong address and customers faces harrasment. Value: 200 RS and customers harrasment. I send by original documents of my Jeep to gobind garh in Punjab state and return if not receive / by address kurukshetra haryana state . Documents send by DTDC courier at derabassi Punjab on 21 July 2018 , but documents not received by Mr VxxxxY . After tracking cognigent number that documents deliver to MR.krishankant . Actually documents send to wrong address we already cleared mentioned that documents send to Mr. VxxxxxxY and send by: Mr .Krishan Kant . But they deliver to sender not to VxxxxxY. So who will pay the harrasment of 7 days and cash payment of courier charges and how will pick these documents from kurukshetra .

Krishan kant Sharma
Thanesar, Kurukshetra 136118, Haryana
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxxx6@gmail.com

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