Duplicate Sandisk pendrive sold online

The pendrive delivered to me by Flipkart has stopped working after some days, when I reached out to Sandisk and discussed the issue , they asked me to send the details of the pendrive along with the serial no, they revert me back confirming that the pendrive delivered to me by Flipkart is a dublicate copy of Sandisk as the serial no doesn’t show any details about the same. They wrote everything including the confirmation from their end,and asked me to discuss the same with Flipkart, so when I did that, Flipkart customer care tried to avoid the issue and denied to provide me the refund or replacement. I kept explaining them that I have a proof that the product to sold to me is dublicate and not original but they tried to avoid the issue royally by explaining me the 10 days return policy.

Alok kumar
Jamshedpur 831009, Jharkhand
Email: cxxxxxxxxxxk@gmail.com

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