Empty pox received from Oneplus instead of oneplus 6

I placed an order on oneplus.in, dated : 14/07/2018 for the newly launched oneplus 6 , but when i got my package to my address and tried to open it up , I was not able to find the device inside the box , there was only the user manual , charger and sim ejector tool , etc but no device.

While examining the package , it seemed clear that the inside box had been opened previously , I took an initiative to contact oneplus customer support the very same time and explained them about the issue and also sent them the pictures of the broken box as an evidence. They asked me to wait 48 hours and promised me a solution within 24-48 hours but after waiting for 48 hours and numerous calls to their customer care , I was informed again that i need to wait for 7 days because they needed to investigate on the matter.

I kept calling them in the while , explaining that the device i ordered was a birthday gift for my daughter and they kept asking me to wait for 24-48 hours every time i gave them a call. Finally after 7 days , I got a call from the local bluedart office who were responsible for delivering my package and i explained to them the entire story after which they told me that oneplus is going to help me out very soon because they are sending their investigation report to oneplus.

I waited and waited for oneplus to respond but they were too ignorant in handling my case , I got few calls from the oneplus team and i kept contacting them but everytime , the response was – “Kindly allow us 24-48 hours and we promise that your problem will be resolved in the given time frame.”

Final Update : Today I got a call from the oneplus support and they directly said that they are not able to help me out because their investigations state that the phone was inside the package when they delivered it. How is this possible? Why would i call them in the first place if i ever got what i paid for?

I totally feel disappointed and helpless at this point of time. I have always been a loving customer of oneplus and my entire family uses oneplus devices , that’s the reason i made my purchase on the oneplus official store rather than purchasing on amazon or flipkart because i was worried that something like this would happen but i never knew that this would be my experience with oneplus itself. They have got the worst customer service in the ecommerce world and i highly feel depressed at this point of time.

Sachin Goyal
Milanpally, Siliguri 734004, West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com

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