Erratic service from OLA cabs

I had booked a cab for 23rd April at 12:00 AM from M chennaswami stadium to B naryanpura,Bangalore.The booking with CRN 77072733 was confirmed by Ola Cabs as the booking was made one day before on 22nd April. The booking was then cancelled 15 minutes before the ride time and i got the message for same. After that i got a message that some driver is coming to pick me up and i check the same with the driver also. But as time passed no one came and driver also said that your booking is cancelled. On calling the customer care i got the same reply and no explanation was provided and also no alternative cab.
This type of behavior towards customers is highly unacceptable and my wife and myself were left stranded on road at 12:00 AM.Finally i had to hire an auto for more than double the price and come home at 2:00 AM.
Please take action against them and ask them to apologize and provide suitable compensation for the trouble they provided.

Abhishek Srivastava
B 1203 NCC Mapple Heights, Banagalore, Karnataka
Email: srivastava.shrivastava[@]
Contact No. 9980605339 / 24/04/2015 / 12:04 pm

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    • Dr Naveen on 20/10/2015 at 7:43 pm

    Hello… Had two bad experiences with regard to booking ride with OLA. They do not make a thorough background check of the drivers. They behave as hooligans. The last time I booked a cab, the driver of this silver Indica, KA44 6339, was very rude. He drove rashly, picked up fights with other vehicle drivers and didn’t care about pedestrians. He pesteringly kept on honking. I was with my elderly mother and even on requesting to drive smoothly he didn’t heed. Finally stopped the cab midway and had to take an auto. Before he drove away i noted his registration number. Pathetic.

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