I had ordered for some baby clothes on Amazon India. I have been tracking the status of the order and one day found out that the order was delivered to my house on the 18th of Jan with my signature on it. I was surprised because it was completely false. I never received any courier what to talk of signing anything.

I immediately called Amazon customer service and asked them to look into the matter. After 2 weeks of calling and talking to different faceless agents they informed me that they could not refund my money because their records show that I had collected the order with signature. So I asked them to furnish the proof that it was indeed my signature. They refused to do so telling me that it was company policy not to do that. Till now they have not refunded me nor have they provided me with my signature after repeated email requests.

Amazon India is a big company and I am afraid that this kind of faceless e-commerce services where nobody takes the responsibility for their misdeeds is extremely dangerous. Customers are at the mercy of these cheaters who cheat the people and think they can get away because they are hiding in the internet.

Please advice me what should I do in this matter.

Deepty Roy
Guwahati 781028, Assam
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxz@gmail.com / 24/01/2016 / 3:58 pm

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