I received a call from recruiter2naukri.in on the 16th of May, Saturday around 3PM in the afternoon claiming that they are a consulting agency that will provide me with a job offer in some of the leading hospitals in South India. They made me create an account in the website ‘recruiter2naukri.in’ and made me provide all my educational and professional details and demanded me to pay 22,000 Rs in the website. They also asked me to scan and email them a copy of my original documents within 48 hours. The people who spoke to me from this company are Rxxxv and Zxxxa. They said that their fee is 2200 for their services and said 20,000 is a security deposit which will be refunded to me by the hospital that recruits me along with my first month salary.

This Rxxxv spoke to me for more than 2 hours on saturday afternoon and after the payment of 20,000 he also demanded me to pay another 10,000 for getting me better jobs however i declined that offer and hung up the call. After the call i googled the company and felt a little fishy about their existence. Their website seemed fake, because all the information in their site did not make any sense and in their contact us tab, there was no contact number listed, the only number listed was (00) 000 000 000. Their privacy policy, cancellation and refund policy tabs seemed to sound totally in favor of them and clearly sounded fraudulent. When i googled the hospitals that they said they would get me job in has no presence in the south India at all. One of the hospitals that they said they would get me a job in, I called that hospital directly to verify if they have really partnered with this recruiter2naukri.in and the hospital’s SR. HR manager himself told me that they have never heard of such a company called recruiter2naukri.in and they said no recruiting agency will demand such large amounts of money from the candidate.

I have called recruiter2naukri.in everyday for the past 1 week again asking them for a refund of my 20,000 and they are not providing any answer nor are they refunding my money. They are asking me to come for a f2f interview with their HR on a future date which they first said is May 26th and now they are saying June 1st week. I asked them for their address and this is the address that they gave me, Sec 63, Fortis Hospital road no.2, 2nd Building, Floor No. 106, Noida, Delhi. They say that their CEO is Prakash Sharma. I am not sure if this address really even exists!

I call them everyday and they are not even interested to talk about refunding my money. They tell me that ‘they are very busy and that they will give me a call when there HR is ready to have a face 2 face meeting with me’. I have lost 20,000 now believing that they are a legit company. Their number is 00911149756999. Please help me with this complaint at the earliest sir and I really hope that you will get them to refund my 20,000 Rs.

I also saw 2 more victims just like me who have filed complaints on this same company here in this indiaconsumerforum site I really hope you look into this matter at the earliest and provide us with justice.

Richo J
Sector 12, Near Punjab University, Chandigarh 160012
Email: jairichojohnson@gmail.com / 22/05/2015 / 1:01 pm

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