I got an email from zenclues.com about an offer on their website – 2 pairs of Puma slippers for Rs. 600/-. Considering I am travelling shortly, I thought this is a steal and hence ordered the product. It was cash on delivery. I placed the order.

I was out driving when the order arrived. Since it was cash on delivery, I rushed home and collected my order. It was delivered by Bangalore Express Delivery bearing tracking number BECA01559.

Since I was in a hurry, i collected the package and paid the delivery person. However, when I opened the package later in the evening, I was shocked to see that there are no puma slippers in there. They have delivered some other slippers, more so not even matching my size. I had ordered for size 9, but they delivered size 8 of the wrong slippers.

Please see attachment of the completer order and the product delivered. As per instructions, I emailed them at cs(@)zenclues.com, but the email bounced back. I immediately figured something is fishy. Since it was weekend, I couldnt call their number. I tried calling their number today(Monday – 1/8/2016). It goes to IVR and everytime i get a message saying all executives are busy and will get back to me.

I understand its not a big money (Rs. 600/-), but I have been cheated. I need my money back and will not settle for some shoddy slippers they have sent me. Requesting immediate stringent action at the earliest please.

Bopaiah M D
Koramangala, Bangalore 560034, Karnataka
Email: mxxxxxxxxxxxh@gmail.com / 01/08/2016 / 1:00 pm

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