I booked a ticket with Air India from Mumbai to Sydney on 1st of June, 2015 via Make My Trip. A representative, Mr. Axxxxt Sxxxxxxa confirmed that since I have a valid student visa, I shall be allowed an additional 20 kg free luggage in addition to the 40 kg base checked in luggage allowance. He confirmed that Air India shall allow me a total of 60 kg checked in luggage and 8 kg cabin luggage free of cost. He sent me an email confirming the same, when I asked for a written confirmation. I was told that to avail the 60 kg allowance, I shall only need to show my valid student visa at the check in counter at the airport. I booked the ticket, being convinced multiple times by Mr. Axxxxt Sxxxxa that the 60 kg allowance is valid. A few days later I called up Air India’s office to confirm whether any more documents are needed to avail the extra baggage. They denied giving any extra free luggage allowance in addition to the basic 40 kg. When I contacted Axxxxt Sxxxxxxa again to resolve this issue, he again stated that I shall get the extra 20 kg without any speck of doubt. I asked him to confirm with Air India and call me back, but I never received a call from him after that. So I contacted Make My Trip again and this time spoke to another employee, who said that they shall need 24-48 hours to resolve the issue. In reference to my complaint emails (I sent several of them), I kept receiving emails saying the issue will be resolved in 48 hours. I then received another email from Abhinay Thakur (Reference ID:[150627-033589] ) stating that I shall get an additional free allowance of 10 kg, and not 20 kg. The procedure to get the same was told to be again the same, i.e. to show valid visa at check in counter at airport. When I called Air India to confirm the same, they said no such promise has been made, and I can take no more than 40 kg as checked in luggage. I then again contacted Make My Trip to clear the issue, upon which I received an email from Make My Trip saying that only 40 kg baggage will be allowed, as the airline has rejected giving any further allowance. I then made a few more calls and also visited the branch office of Make My Trip at Andheri, Mumbai on 10.07.2015 (Friday). I spoke to the manager and assistant manager (Mr. Kxxxxn Jxxxxi and Mr. Gxxxxxxm Sxxxxxr respectively) about the issue and asked them to give me the extra baggage as promised to be on call and mail and resolve the issue. I was told that they cannot resolve the issue from their end, nor is there any other authority who monitors the call centres, whom I can meet. They said that we do not have any authority in Mumbai whom you can meet and who can take action against any issue in reference to an online booking. “An online booking issue can only be resolved online” they said. I was surprised that there is no authority that a customer can go to in case of such issues, and we just have to rely on calls from the call centre itself, which made the fraudulent promise in the first place. Mr. Gxxxxxm Sxxxxxr, on much ruckus agreed to connect me to their branch helpline from their office phone, and I spoke to a Mr. Pxxxxxxxn who promised to resolve the issue by the next day. He said they have already ordered for the call recordings to be pulled out, and if it is found that an additional 20 kg baggage was promised to me by Make My Trip’s representative, I shall be given the same at any cost. He said that the issue will be resolved by the next day, i.e. Saturday. I left the Make My Trip office and waited for call from Pxxxxn the next day till late morning. On not receiving the call, I called up the Andheri office to speak to Gxxxxxxm, as he had promised to connect me to Pxxxxxxn if I was not actively contacted by him. On calling, I was very conveniently told that Gxxxxxm is on leave, so I spoke to the manager, Mr. Kxxxxxn Jxxxxxxxi, who said that he will arrange a callback from Pxxxxxxn on the same day. I got a call from a Mr. Pxxxxxxxxr Sxxxxxh (Customer Service Team, Gurgaon) who said that my issue is being looked into on priority basis, and he shall receive the call recordings latest by evening, same day (i.e. 11.07.15, Saturday). He asked me to wait till Monday and promised that the issue will be resolved for sure by then. He promised to actively call me from his end on Monday.

On Saturday, I also received a call from a Mr. Cxxxxxn from Make My Trip, who was unaware of the latest proceedings. He claimed that he had spoken to Air India regarding my baggage allowance, and was told by a certain Nxxxxa from Air India that 60 kg allowance shall be given to me. I asked him to confirm the same, and he said he shall call the Air India main office and confirm it. On confirming, he again called me and apologised and said only 40 kg will be allowed. The same person, who had promised me to give 60 kg on his earlier call, simply apologised and said that 40 kg is all I can carry. I then told him I shall wait for Pxxxxxxr to sort the issue, since Pxxxxxxer was more aware of the situation. On the same day, I received another call from Pxxxxxxxr, who asked me to send my visa, enrollment letter, passport copies to him via email (documents which I has already submitted to Make My Trip earlier when requested by another representative).

On Monday, 13.07.2015, I called up Make My Trip as Pxxxxxr had said I could call and ask the phone to be transferred to him if I did not receive a call from his end. I was connected to Mr. Axxxxxg Cxxxxxxxy, who promised that Pxxxxxr would call me by 2 pm the same day, as his shift had not yet started. I was furious that I was kept running around in circles for almost two weeks now, and even now, was not getting a proper response. I asked to be connected to another team member of Pxxxxxxr who was assisting him. I was told by Axxxxxxg that Pxxxxxxxr is the only one handling the issue (Whereas Pxxxxxr had told me otherwise). Anurag also said that the call recordings haven’t been received yet. I was surprised that it took them four business days (Sunday being a working day for most call centres) to pull out their own call records inspite of them claiming that the issue was being handled at “Top Priority”. I am currently waiting for Mr. Pxxxxxxr’s call, which I’m pretty certain from the look of things, won’t serve any purpose. I told Axxxxxxg Cxxxxxxxxy that I shall be going ahead with my complaint, since I am tired of waiting and running around in circles behind Make My Trip and hence I am lodging this complaint.

Please Note: The above string of incidents has occurred with my daughter Ms. Manasi Chonkar, and to be read in first person as her account of events.

Shekhar Chonkar
Dhokali Naka, Kolshet Road, Thane 400607, Maharashtra
Email: chonkarshekhar@gmail.com / 13/07/2015 / 2:43 pm

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  1. This is to inform consumer forum and the readers that the above matter was solved by Make My Trip and I am thankful to the team at consumer support for actively solving the issue. I would like to take my complaint back.

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