False delivery information by Amazon

I had ordered a One plus 5 mobile on 24th sep to avail the guarenteed delivery mentioned on 26th sep. At 5pm on 26th Sep I chatted with the representatives if I am getting my product that day? He/she replied to wit till 9pm and i will definitely get my product (Being it an office address I was asked to wait till 9pm) . So instead of going by office cab at 7pm I waited till 9PM but dint get my phone and had to book a cab paying for it.From that day I have been chatting with them and listening the same sentence that sorry you will get it within 24 hrs.Its already 30th Sep and the result is same.I have cancelled my holiday plans just to get the phone . Whose fault is this? The ignorant executives or this is how amazon is?? Never ever from amazon.Be aware.

Kamal Panigrahi
Marathaalli, Bengaluru 560037, Karnataka
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxy@outlook.com

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