We had made a booking for 2 rooms at King’s Abode Ranakpur which is in Rajastan for 15th August till 17th August,2015. The Trip ID of which is 15073034054.

Since we paid the full amount of Rs.16224 on 8th of August and we got the written confirmation from Cleartrip of our booking, we did not bothered to call the said Resort.

All 4 of us with my 2 year old son planned to drive to Ranakpur which is a 10-12 hour drive i.e nearly 600kms from our city. On reaching the resort at 4p.m. in the evening, we were told by the manager that there is no bookings on our name and it being 15th August, the resort is completely sold out. He also specified that the resort does not have any contract with Cleartrip. Since we were in a remote area, where there were hardly any options to stay, we called up Cleartrip and the representative immediately forwarded the mail stating the booking confirmation. As the resort was completely sold out, the manager still refused to entertain us. We tried calling us Cleartrip many times after that, but they could not solve the issue as it was their fault of not forwarding the booking to the said resort on time. We pleaded the Hotelier to give us the accommodation as we had traveled for more than 10 hours, due to which my lil son vomited on the reception table, looking at which the manager gave us 1 room, in which all five of us were accommodated. Next day they gave us 2 seperate rooms. I have attached the e-mail copy received by the Hotel manager from Cleartrip and a note written by himself clearly stating that he had no prior information of our bookings and they do not have any contract with Cleartrip. The time at which the resort received the mail is written on top.

I request you to please look into this matter and take some serious step against Cleartrip, as it has been an usual practise by Cleartrip that they take full payments in advance from customers and do not forward it to the said Hotels/resort. We all had go through so much metal harassment for that period thinking what if the hotelier did not accommodated us at all where would we all go since it was a remote area and all the hotels/resort were totally booked. Therefore I demand a compensation of Rs.40000/- as our whole trip was ruined due to the irresponsible attitude of Cleartrip. They kept on assuring us over the phone that they are arranging an alternate arrangement for our stay but no one bothered to call back to confirm what is our status.

After coming back from the trip I have gone through so many complaints of the same manner and it sad to say, no big step has been taken against it due to which more customers like us are being fooled.

Email: abhijeetsadana[@gmail.com / 28/08/2015 / 3:25 pm

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